Implementing Free Domain Forwarding with Redirect.Monster

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You are changing your brand name or migrating your existing website to another domain but don't want to lose your organic traffic? Properly redirect your web traffic from your old domain (or subdomain) to the new one.

What is Redirect.Monster?

Redirect.Monster is a simple and hassle-free domain redirect service that allows you to set up SEO-friendly domain forwarding to keep your organic traffic flowing. With its generous free plan, you can redirect up to 100,000 visits for free—all this with HTTPS by default.

How to Implement Free Domain Forwarding on Redirect.Monster?

Here are the steps to set up domain forwarding. From creating an account to setting up domain forwarding, it will take you less than 5 minutes:

1. Set Up an Account on Redirect.Monster

All you need to create an account on Redirect.Monster is your work email, no credit card required. To create an account, click 👉 here.

2. Create a Domain Forwarding (or Redirect)

To create your first redirect, you need 3 key pieces of information:

  • Source: The domain from which you want to forward traffic.
  • Destination: The domain or URL to which you want to forward your traffic.
  • Redirect Type: The type of redirection you need to implement (301 for permanent forwarding or 302 for temporary forwarding). Learn more about the difference between 301 and 302 redirects 👉 here.

Redirect.Monster provides additional options for handling your redirects, but if you just need to forward a domain from to, the parameters above are all you need.

3. Validate Your Source Domain (Old Domain)

To effectively forward web traffic from your old domain to your new domain, you need to point your old domain toward Redirect.Monster's edge servers. This step is called domain validation.

Don't worry—it's easy. You'll get a personalized, step-by-step tutorial, but here's a basic summary:

  • Log in to your DNS registrar managing your old domain (you'll need your credentials for that).
  • Create or change a DNS record (Redirect.Monster provides the appropriate entries based on your domain).
  • Save, and our servers will do the rest to verify validity and implement the forwarding.

Note: DNS propagation (the time it takes for information about DNS changes to spread across the internet) usually occurs quickly but can sometimes take a few hours. Redirect.Monster will monitor it for you and notify you by email once it's activated.

And that's it! At this stage, you've implemented your first domain forwarding with Redirect.Monster. By default, all requests are forwarded using HTTPS, meaning our server generates SSL/TLS certificates for you, eliminating the need for additional services.

Need a Bigger Toolbox to Manage Domain Forwarding?

With 100,000 web redirects for free, you can go a long way at no cost. If you need more advanced features such as traffic analytics or frequent traffic monitoring, check out our Yeti plan!

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